likes ; silly things, writing, reading, rocket <3, my friends, animals, games, playing guitar, space, nature, bugs + sealife, music, will wood ★dislikes (dni); basic dni criteria (racist, homophobic… you get the drill), gore, animal abuse, rude ppl, proshippers, cringe culture, mitsuba haters and mitsukou antis… ✗

INTERESTS ⋆。˚ ༉‧ ͙ ★
tv/anime ; tbhk, hxh, lwa, she-ra, tpn, heathers, rtc, hamilton + more
games ; yttd, the last of us, telltale twdg, life is strange, sally face, ddlc, batim, little misfortune, re7/8, dbh, mystic messenger, splatoon, animal crossing, …animal jam, ponytown, minecraft, fnaf, dead plate, cold front, elevator hitch, eloquent countenance, etc
cool ppl; rocket, demi, emi, (toilet guys>>>), miles, asmo, oli, kerstin, szy, ena, juni, val, vi, ena, kers, bao, aspen, mel, vesta, twt moots! + demination <3 ILY GUYS
abt me; HII! call me charlie, i like to type in full caps and i often use tone tags. my dms are always open for vents/friends… I DO NOT BITE!! i may take a while to respond sometimes tho i’m sorry ೃ✧₊˚.❁ ↷ •ଓ.° ୭̥ ⋆ ₊˚.༄